Monday, 10 October 2011

Starting and Going On

I didn't really know what to expect from Library Camp, except a lot of library folk and cakes (both were exceeded in numbers and loveliness).
The format was an 'unconference' which means that although there are fixed session times the topics for discussion are totally open.
The day started with coffee, cake and chatting. I was struck by how friendly people were and by not only the diversity of experiences but similarity in challenges.

We then moved to the biggest room to be welcomed and literally everyone introduced themselves - this might have seemed a bit scary at first but it was great to put (twitter) names to faces and pinpoint people to speak to later.
Then came the session pitches, where individuals or small groups proposed topics for discussion, the titles being put on post-it's on the season board (for juggling later).
We were also treated to poetry from the poet in residence Mark Niel which a really nice start a very busy day.

@realbatgirl awaits the start of proceedings

everyone introduces themselves

pitching session ideas - post-it notes go on the board

I tried to make notes on the 5 sessions I went to, please excuse their not very fluid nature.
The best sessions for me were in the morning as these were much more lively discussions - I think maybe too much cake was consumed at lunch :) or maybe I just chose the wrong ones for me.
I came away from the event with a very full brain, having met lots of new people and new-in-real-life-not-just-twitter people which in itself was worth the flight from NL.

I wouldn't say that Library Camp provided all the answers to the challenges we face, but it certainly gave us a mountain of ideas to try and re-assurance that we are part of a truly wonderful profession.

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