Monday, 10 October 2011

#3 Libraries - Learning from retail and zoning

Changing the use of the libraries
'Libraries and libations'

Book - "why we buy - science of shopping"
touching something means more likely to 'buy'
'Shelf neck' from craning to read spines
Using the queue - putting things near checkout
Not too tidy
More floor walking

Jigsaw - training - how to spot people that need help, different characters
Opening the Book - courses - Frontline
Swiss Army Librarian - looking as library patron
Literally go into stores and look at from customers point of view

Zoning - in many academic libraries
Difference between what people say and what people do
Most popular place for wifi hotspots - toilets (?!?)

Change from familiar, avoiding conflict between uses
Change use at different times of year, flexible use of discreet areas with flexible screening
Coffee shops in libraries - generally ok but rubbish needs to be controlled.
Variety of sitting places, observing what works

Poems in the checkout queue
I mentioned Overdrive - users want to have audio/ebooks on own devices
Transition zone - few metres before you are comfortable in area
Smell, warm, light
Returns trolley as place for choosing
Quick picks
Taking library outside usual space - as kiosk in another place in organisation

Learning cafe - social learning space - not coffeeshop in the library
Glasgow Caledonian University - good example
Rachel van Riel - 2008 book - reader friendly library service

@bibliojenni's bag was my favourite accessory at #libcampuk11

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