Monday, 10 October 2011

#4 Wikipedia and Creative Commons

GLAM outreach - Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums - partnership - releasing content, creative commons plus staff writing articles about collections.
'backstage pass' event for Wikipedia editors
Stub - one line article
To be a Wikipedia article the subject needs to be 'noteable' - talked about elsewhere - these references  then become ref for the Wikipedia article.
Content all done by volunteers, scope to do this in museums, libraries and galleries
Open licence - used to start or enhance articles

Wikimedia commons

Putting archive content onto flickr - adds value, giving better access to resources already have.
Cost of hosting is outsourced, large quanitities can be uploaded and tagged by volunteers

QRpedia - looks at language of phone and looks for article on wikipedia in that language mobile friendly format - potentially extremely useful for galleries/museums especially.

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