Monday, 10 October 2011

#2 Gaming and gamification

Library games?
DOK in Delft has gaming stations and area, young people attracted.
Sandwell - Krunch - bring xbox ps3 wii - engaging young people
Public network system - gaming - using network for gaming
Under-using what is already in libraries
Global village - community of gaming
Violent? Plenty of Civilisation, tycoon and fantasy games.
Learning without knowing it - understanding how computers work, hand/eye coordination, creativity.
What evidence needs collecting- games and library mission - away from book based literacy - what trying to achieve.
Collaboration, problem solving,
Libraries - addictive, how can we harness, also content and how library works
Virtual and physical space coming together.
Library treasure hunt
Must not be childish, other negative connetation
Collaboration with game creators (students), hackers
Balance between engagement and content
Physical gaming - wii - dyspraxic and dyslexic children, rehabilitation in hospitals. Using your networks.
Points for borrowing, especially out of usual type. Engaging non-users. Being top is enough reward.
Harnessing energy
Swansea University - own gaming network
Interactive fiction
Driving learning
Fun, gaining mastery of something
How do people interact - need to understand
Patrons adding tags to content
being inclusive as possible, trying to suit everyone you will suit nobody, use collection dev policy to guide
Let the user group buy the games, or create the games themselves
Will need thick skin - justifying why
Engaging stakeholders, better acceptance
ALA - national gaming day
Association of learning technologies

No concrete answers but lots of points to be thinking about.

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