Monday, 10 October 2011

#1 Library of Birmingham Virtual Tour

Using Second Life - Engaging the public and for planning.

Amphitheatre - outdoor performance space to pull people into the library - music poetry etc.
There is also indoor performance space. Music library on lower ground, has natural light.
Ice cream parlour and cafe. Consulatation with public on use of foyer space.
Next Friday sees first event in second life.
Voting podium - what would you like to do in cafe?
Reading and 'people watching' space. Book group meeting space.
New theatre space shared with Rep Theatre
Back of library - view of park, lending, grab and go, seating.
Blue wall for showing films, presentations etc.
Music library with practice rooms
Youth zone - still under consultation
Vending machines, soft seating areas.
Floor 1 business and learning floor Inc office space. Idea shop, exploring creativity.
2nd floor main knowledge floor start of book rotunda. Will be much more out of stacks. Study zones. Also contemplation room.
3rd floor with garden. Performance space and cafe. Gallery - photographs maps prints - accessible - currently much in storage. Digitising.
People's Rotunda - space used to project stuff on, from collections and performances etc.
Archives - temp/humidity controlled.
2 floors of storage space, which is also room to grow.
7th floor - staff floor with meeting rooms, outdoor space
8th is plant floor
9th floor (gold box) viewing platform.
Shakespeare Memorial Room - biggest Shakespeare collection in uk.

Daden - created Second Life space (also did moon landings)
Team of professional fundraisers

'Flying book' tour

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